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  • What is the concrete round of price RB500W SIDENOR?

    Rebars RB500W SIDENOR are marketed on the Tunisian market at the same prices as the RB400. Prices in Tunisia are approved.

  • What are the economic interests of the resistance of RB500W SIDENOR?
    • stronger than RB400, the use of RB500W steel enables savings in amounts of steel used, the maximum saving 35% is achieved.
    • Savings on the costs of handling, transportation, clothing reinforcements.
  • What are the interests of weldability SIDENOR RB500W?
    • The weldability is very useful in the manufacture of frames.
    • Removing attachment son making dimensionally stable when moving frames.
    • Facilitates handling and transport frames, thus promoting the industrialization of the manufacture of frames
    • Weldability allows joining with the reinforcement metal elements
    • It reduces the length of hedges bars.
    • Gain at the welding productivity relative to the fastening wire.