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Production Process

Process of heating

The billets are loaded into a reheating furnace, where they are heated in a temperature range of 1200-1250 C.

A-rolling process

Once the billet reached the rolling temperature desired, it is unloaded from the furnace and passed through rolls and carbide rollers, where the gradual process of reducing the size of the billet begins.

The size is even more reduced until the desired diameter is obtained.


The process Tempcore Quenching involves the rapid cooling of the hot bar at a specific temperature at a controlled pressure according to the diameter of the bar from 8 to 32 mm and the wire rod.

This process is completely controlled by a computer software program, thereby ensuring accuracy of the final product by removing all possible human errors to obtain the required mechanical properties. These carburizing bars give a high yield and excellent tensile strength.

Throughout this process, only the outer portion of the bar is quenched, while the inner part remains hot. Thus, the bars will have a high elongation percentage. These bars are then conveyed to the cooling table.


The process High Speed Block involves the production of wire rod rolling by high speed rolling ensuring optimum production while ensuring high process efficiency and high quality of the finished product.