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  • Who are SIDENOR customers ?

    Our customers are wholesalers of building materials retailers and manufacturers using our excellent reputation produits.nsd''une entrepreneurial, technical and art.

  • What are the component parts of the customer file?
    • A written request stating the name Commercial Manager Client activity and estimated annual quantities to be removed
    • The company legal status if the client is a corporation,
    • A copy of the fiscal identity card specifying the activity of the client (Sale of building materials wholesale or industrial activity using reinforcing bars and rods),
    • A recent certificate of registration in the commercial register,
    • Copy of the Record of bank details.
  • How to identify reinforcing bars RB500W SIDENOR, It ?
    • For the new marking SID that is repeated approximately every meter along the length of the bar.
    • For the label identifying each burden
  • What are the mechanical characteristics of SIDENOR RB500W?
    • Upper limit of minimum flow Reh: 500 N / mm²
    • Resistance to minimum tensile RM 550 N / mm²
    • Minimum Elongation at break A5: 14%
  • What are the chemical characteristics of SIDENOR RB500W?

    Mild steel with maximum levels

    • Silicon Si: 0.60% Max
    • Manganese Mn: 1.60% Max
    • Phosphorus P: 0.050% Max
    • Sulfur S: 0.050% Max
    • Nitrogène N: 0012 Max
    • Carbone Equivalent CEQ: 0.50% Max
  • What are the standards and specifications for a round concrete?
    Reinforcing bars ribbed SIDENOR is obtained by hot rolling according to the Tunisian standard NT 26.05 (2004) equivalent to the international standard ISO6935-02 (1997).
  • What are the checks and tests performed on a round concrete SIDENOR ?
    • Control of geometric caracéristiques :
      • Visual control of the aspect
      • height control of the transverse ribs
      • control the spacing of the ribs
      • Control the height of the longitudinal ribs
      • Controlling the inclination of the transverse ribs
    • Control the mass per unit length
    • Engineering Controls :
      • Tensile test
      • Control of yield
      • Tensile strength test
      • Monitoring the elongation after fracture or the total elongation at maximum load
      • bend test and unfolding.