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Sustainable Development


With its ability to recover its original properties even after several recycling loops, steel is the most recycled material in the world.

In fact, 100% of the steel scrap becomes a raw material for the steel industry and contributes to energy savings of 65 to 95%.

Reuse and recycling saves natural resources and contribute to a better environment.


SIDENOR was for several years a continuous improvement in the areas of Quality, Occupational Safety and Environment. The Company is committed irrevocably to sustainable development.

The objective of SIDENOR thus improves its own environmental performance and reduces its carbon footprint. To achieve this, a policy of energy management has been implemented at all levels of the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, the production process requires the use of water primarily for cooling purposes.

It is in this context that SIDENOR installed a new generation of wastewater treatment plant to reduce water consumption and constantly monitor the quality of water discharges.